Two years after their debut EP CAGES, BLACK GULLS are back with their successor, STUMBLE & FALL.

BLACK GULLS from Bocholt (NRW) are active since 2016 and play modern, melodic hardcore punk in the style of British bands like Polar or Landscapes.

In early 2017, the first EP CAGES was released,  available digitally from all stores, including iTunes and Amazon Music. It can also be streamed via Spotify. There are also music videos on YouTube for Waves Of Fear and One Day In My Life.

Since the release of CAGES, the band has had to overcome some hurdles;  three members left the band due to personal reasons. But there is also a new chance in each change and under these conditions, the writing process for the new CD began last year. 

Especially through the entry of Kim Wiesweg as bassist and singer and Dominik Hormann as guitarist, the band was able to expand their musical range. On STUMBLE & FALL  you can immediately notice that the band is now writing their songs in a more focused manner.

"At the time, we were completely convinced of the songs, but with the gap of two years, we always come across things that we could have done differently in retrospect," says singer Tim Brands. Mauritz Hagemann, the band's second guitarist, adds: "Our songwriting was simply not as mature then as it is now. The songs on CAGES are great and testimony to our development at the time. But now we have the song as a whole in mind while writing. This makes the songs just rounder and more coherent ".

Musically and lyrically, BLACK GULLS did not change too much on STUMBLE & FALL. "Of course you could think that we were softer, because Kim has singing parts. But we still see ourselves as a melodic hardcore band. Our musical horizon has just been furthered. And in the future there will certainly be harder, but also softer songs from us, depending on what we have in mind, "says Damian Fischer, who joined the band as a drummer shortly after the release of CAGES.

Lyrically, the band again addresses both social and personal issues. The opener MISERY deals with the increasing problem of the brutalization of discussions and debates and the increase of hate speech, especially in social media. "It's amazing how things have developed. People post Racist garbage on Facebook or Twitter, and they do not mind at all. They are completely dull. You have to do something about this development, "says bassist Kim Wiesweg

TRAPS is a plea for the faith of each individual in themselves and should encourage them to get up after a defeat. WOLVES and SAINTS are about the value and meaning of true friends.  For Dominik Hormann, who is on board since the end of 2018, these two songs mean a lot: "In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you rarely tell your friends how happy you are to have them and how much they mean to us. We are pleased that we have a link with the band, to express our feelings while at the same time setting a small memorial to our friends. "

The new EP can be ordered now for 5 EUR plus shipping on the band's Facebook page. Of course, it will also be available at the upcoming concerts of the band.

Black Gulls are: 

Tim Brands 

Mauritz Hagemann 

Damian Fischer 

Kim Wiesweg 

Dominik Hormann

Further information and inquiries at www.blackgullsmusic.com or info@blackgullsmusic.com